21 April 2012

April 20 Photo: Something I Drew

 Something I drew - I heard about a game at the Technology Testdrive from a number of students and I had to try it out. It is called "Draw Something" and is basically Pictionary as an app. Some people are really good but I typically keep it simple - since drawing with my finger tip onto an iPhone screen is a bit tricky if you want to add any detail. This would be easier on an iPad. But despite the challenges, it is a relaxing little diversion once in a while. I don't typically have a chance to just play a game on my phone. There aren't many times when I am waiting around and looking for something to do. So I have not been playing as much these days. But I have a couple of friends that I have games with and so I check in to take my turn.

Ages ago I took art lessons from the Marion Barker Studio that was on the corner of Northmount Drive and Brisebois Drive. A nice walk a few blocks from our house.  I took them with my Dad. He worked on oils and I worked on pencil sketches. A favourite memory from my youth.  Obviously those skills do not translate to drawing with my finger on an iPhone!!

Here's the first little sketch that I did at the age of 13.  I did a lot of sketches of animals - a mountain goat, a raccoon, a polar bear... eventually I did one of a barn and farm equipment. It found a home on the family farm with my aunt and uncle and years later, it was included in the town history book (Page 9 of "Champion and District"). Does that make me a professional?? Ha - absolutely not! But I enjoyed it at the time. It's been years since I sketched but it was fun looking back at what I did.


Sheila said...

sediste Was waiting for you to update your blog. Love the pictures. Wonder if Myrna still has your picture up or if it is taken down? Hope it is still up, as your Undle David loved it.
Love your blog.

Lalainia said...

That picture is absolutely still up at the farm. It's in the dining room where it has been for years. I see it every time I'm home for family dinners. Dad loved it!

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