07 April 2013

April 7 Photo: Dreamy

Wonderland by Jaume Plensa
Looking out through 'Wonderland' by Jaume Plensa. 

Today's photo theme is dreamy.  So I'm pulling this one from the photos I took downtown yesterday.

When this sculpture was being installed in front of The Bow, I happened to be driving by on a dark winter night in January. The area wall lit up by tall spotlights and a crane was lifting the top of the head  into place.  There were crystals of snow floating in the air and if I hadn't been with other people, I would have turned my car around to stop and watch the event unfold. 

Yesterday was the first time I have taken the time to go down and walk around this sculpture. You can stand inside and observe the world through the metal grid. I love this new addition to our city's public art.   

'Wonderland' by Jaume Plensa

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Sheila said...

I saw it for the first time a week ago when Janelle and I were driving downtown for her appointment. I loved it too. Nice you included it today.

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