08 April 2013

April 8 Photo: On Your Plate

#fmsphotoaday "On your plate". Birthday pizza with friends at Hanni's.
Margherita Pizza at Hanni's
I apologize if you are viewing this when you are anticipating a meal and can't eat just yet. Because it was delicious.  And smell-o-vision or "Google Nose" has not been invented yet.

It was the first day of the new term but I was still able to get away on time to meet up with friends to celebrate a belated birthday for Colette! We all gathered at a local restaurant - Hanni's.  It was a fun time, good food, lots of chatter, plans for a games night (inspired by this post from some earlier cupboard de-cluttering), iPad lessons (Ingrid and Colette were reviewing apps and sharing tips), and some table dancing to a musical birthday card.

Is this key lime cheesecake as good as Ingrid's key lime cheesecake?? Hopefully we will find out soon!!

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