13 April 2013

April 13 Photo: View From Your Bed

While the view doesn't even include a blue sky, what I am most sad about is that it no longer includes my beautiful tree. I no longer will hear birds chirping in the branches just outside my window.

When I first bought my place, my tree was in full spring bloom. A gorgeous deep pink blossom. And there was no need for curtains with the tree all that I could see from the bedroom window.
The springtime view from the same bedroom window 2009.

Another view of the tree from upstairs. This is in 2009.
The fireblight hit in 2008 and this was the first spring I noticed a change in the tree. 

 But after the fire blight took over, the once beautiful tree slowly wasted away.  The crown had completely died and a good pruning a couple years back couldn't save the tree from the disease, which continued to consume branches and eventually left the tree in a completely weakened state, sending shoots up all over the yard in its distress.

So just a few weeks ago, the arbourists came and took it down. The yard seems so empty and the exposure is a shock after having this dominant feature providing interest, a resting place for so many types of birds and shade to all the rooms of my home.

Anyone with some landscaping advice? It feels like a very blank canvas and I'm not sure what to do with the space. I just know that it will be a very different this year without being able to see the seasons through my tree.

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