09 April 2013

April 9th Photo: Tiny Classics

Tiny Classics, originally uploaded by whistlepunch.

This isn't the first time I've posted on the theme of "tiny".  The theme was used back on April 5, 2012 and I posted about this tiny ceramic cat.  And on March 24, 2012, for the theme of animal, I had shared a collage of some of my miniature animals.

a tiny cat

more tiny animals

Tonight, I spent my evening with friends at the Family History Centre on 17th Avenue in Calgary. So naturally, when looking for something tiny to photograph for the day's theme,I went with what was close at hand.  I lined up my mini-mini-cooper USB stick next to my friend's mini-mini-van USB stick. Looks like they are ready for a drag race but in reality they are just ready to get packed up with documents, images and all the family history stories, names and dates that we can find! I love how their headlights are on whenever they are connected.

As for the research, my quest for the parents of Patience Cobb was unsuccessful but I did find out more about where her and Sheldon Gray spent their time before they went to Minnesota. You can check out my family history blog for more on that story.

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Lalainia said...

Such cute little collections!

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