14 April 2013

April 14 Photo: Water

Another lack of inspiration for the theme so I am pulling something out of archives once again.

Sunset over the Mediterranean Sea - taken when returning to Alanya from the ruins in Perge, Turkey. 

Birthplace of Aphrodite, Pafos, Cyprus
In the foreground, you can see the Saracen Rock and in the background, Petra tou Romiou or Rock of the Greek. This is where legend tells that Aphrodite arose from the sea.

Last year, we had a challenge for "cold" on April 10 and I obviously didn't have the cooperation that the weather would have been today because I ended up with a picture of a glass of ice water, which you can revisit here. The only other water around here today was frozen into snowflakes so I hope these pictures make you think warm thoughts!

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