15 April 2013


So after spending one night this weekend hanging out with one of my nieces, I got a text message Saturday from another niece asking what I was doing. She was bored (or so I took it from her next text which declared: "IM DOING NOTHING") and I seemed like her best option to change the situation. I'll take it! But then it was quite a back and forth to negotiate what the plan for the evening would be.

I didn't particularly feel like getting myself up and out in the snow, so I gave her the option to come over and then spend the night so she wouldn't have to drive home later. That seemed like a better plan than doing NOTHING and since it now included one of our traditions, making French Toast Raphael (from the Best of Bridge cookbook or online here) for breakfast the next morning, she was ready to come. The roads were becoming more and more treacherous and so her Dad graciously agreed to drive her over and pick her up for church the next morning rather than make her cancel her plans.

I managed to locate a few treats to round out the evening's movie snacks including the homemade chocolates from Christmas that were lost in the freezer, a happy surprise.

We attempted to watch a movie on Netflix, but when we were almost an hour in and had only seen 20 minutes because of constant buffering (although the Roger and Ebert style analysis between clips was entertaining) , we gave up on the wifi connection to the BluRay player and moved upstairs to the office to watch the rest on my computer.

Breakfast was a hit in the morning. The key is to make sure the dish puffs up and to cook until the middle has set.  Next time though - we can't forget the bacon!!

A fun weekend of time with two of my nieces.  I could do this every weekend!

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