19 April 2013

Flickr Friday: Three of my favourite people

Three of my favourite people, originally uploaded by whistlepunch.

A month from now and these three will be together again. These are my sister`s kids and we all were touring around Chicago when this was taken.  It was great to be included in their family vacation  which included a trip to Nauvoo after some time in the windy city!

Actually the picture I wanted to share was one I just noticed as I've been sorting out my own digital files and that is this picture of my niece. I told my mom I would share it so here it is. Look at that - two pictures in a row without her pulling a silly face. (The girl loves to ham it up for the camera) She is now hobbling around with a fractured ankle so I won't get to go watch her play rugby. Too bad!!


My cousin is celebrating her 400th post on her blog. Go check it out here (but don`t bother to enter to win chocolates because I am going to win them this time.) But it got me thinking. This is my 276 post on this blog but if you add ALL my blogs together, it adds up to this being my 400TH POST!! She has been blogging more consistently than I have so mine are rather spread out over a longer time period. And if you read it carefully, she hit the target yesterday so the announcement post makes it 401. We didn`t tie after all.  Congrats to you, cuz!!

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Lalainia said...

Hey, thanks for the shout out! It made me feel sort of famous!

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