17 April 2013

April 17 Photo: Busy

The classes may be empty but it doesn't mean the students aren't busy. The study areas are packed, every computer in the library is occupied and breaks during exam week may involve a visit to the puppy room, some bouncing in the bouncy castle, or hunting down the exam stress relief snack cart.

But mostly, they are somewhere squirrelled away -busy working.

My good friend has gone back to school (brave girl!) and she was busy - stayed late at work to be on her computer preparing her research paper to hand in tomorrow.

For my nephew, he was busy with his two partners preparing for their final class presentation worth 30% of their grade. Busy until very very late.

And being the amazing aunt that I am  :-) , to help him out,  I picked him up from the train station just minutes before midnight in case he had missed the final bus, brought him back to my place to shower (his bathroom is getting some repairs and so it is out of commission) and dropped him off at home for a few hours of sleep before he heads out very early tomorrow for last minute prep before the presentations begin. I remember late nights like his when I was finishing projects and know that any little bit of help makes the process easier.

Four more exams and he will be done with school. He's worked hard and I'm looking forward to see where his journey will take him!

Dropping off the clean boy at home sometime around 1:00 a.m.

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Lalainia said...

Great picture of Sam!

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