20 April 2013

April 20 Photo: On Your Mind

"On your mind:  Phrenology model

Ever since I learned that my great great grandfather, David Mulholland, had a phrenology skull reading done, I have been curious about the history of this pseudo-science of Victorian neurologists.

Here's some context of phrenology in Utah at the turn of the 20th century.  Taken from the article, Phrenology among the Mormons. 

In 1904, David Mulholland was one of the many visiting Nephi Schofield for analysis.  If you want to read his profile, the document is available here. You can learn about his practical nature, tendency towards benevolence to his own disadvantage and his unsuitability for business or commercial enterprise. Schofield concluded:

"Your mistakes in life will be mistakes of the head and not of the heart; and Christianity being true, your greatest reward will be reserved for a future life."

( I know this is late. I had the picture a week ago and posted on Instagram but I wanted to include the document and that held up the whole process.  The dam is now broken. Here come the last week's photos!)

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