19 April 2013

April 19 Photo: Button

The theme today is Button and while I was at Staples, I saw the easy button. They still sell this! Granted, it is worked, I would want to buy one. The idea is that when you have a problem, you press the easy button and the solution will appear. Presumably a stationary or office supply solution. If only it were real.

Here are the ads that inspired the actual product.  They get progressively weirder.

So if you want to buy your own easy button, you can at Staples. And this is what it will do for you.

Actually, do you know what is easy? Well, not pie! When some English as a Second Language students were asked to fill in a worksheet that included the line,

"As easy as ________________________________"

pie was not the number one answer.

My favourite answer? Spaghetti! Spaghetti is easy! Pie is not easy! So the next time you are tempted to say, "That was as easy as pie"... finish with a more appropriate response.

"That was as easy as spaghetti!"

It now seems like today's word was "easy". It was not. It was button...which is a noun. You should not say "as button as". So don't. The grammar lesson is now over.

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Lalainia said...

Loved this blog - "As easy as spaghetti" - awesome!!

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